Take a look at some of our engineering skill areas and manufacturing services. It’s not an exhaustive list because we’re developing new solutions almost every day, so if you have an unusual requirement or a tight deadline to meet please get in touch. We love a challenge.

Some of the industries we serve: With supply/project management of: Using these materials: With design/project management of:
Boatbuilding & Marine Large scale CNC Machining MDF, EPS/Paste, Ureal block Very large plugs
Automotive & Motorsport Large scale tooling Aluminium Very large moulds
Building & Construction Permanent/Inspection fixtures Carbon Fibre Very large models/components
Aerospace Components Steel Very large structural components
Train & Track Manufacturing Composites Ballistic Body Armour
Policing & Defence Engineering GRP Advanced CAD design feasibility
Alternative Energy Process RTM Concept-to-production projects