With experience spanning over 35 years, and a genuine passion for this exciting and unique area of engineering, our team is led by Richard Whiffin who has pushed boundaries, broken records and exceeded quality, accuracy and project delivery expectations time and again.

Richard is now widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading specialists, having pioneered advanced materials and manufacturing techniques for composite tooling of all kinds, but with a unique level of experience in the design and application of CNC machining to unusually large components - plugs, moulds, models, patterns and prototypes - in a variety of materials.

In our world, unusually large can mean anything from a 70-foot boat hull to a half-mile road bridge!

We can do ‘small’ too. Meaning that we often deliver moulding and turnkey engineering solutions for more modestly sized projects - from high tech aeroplane and helicopter components to bullet-proof body armour - for serious players in the aerospace and defence industries.