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Client International Yacht Builder
Services Provided Project Management, Sourcing and Supply
Project Duration 34 Weeks
Time Saving 70+ weeks (200%)

Engenias have a history of assisting major yards with their commitment and pursuit of excellence within the boat building industry. In this case, Engenias helped to identify an opportunity to incorporate 21st century design solutions to complement the company’s traditional commitment to a prestigious, handcrafted product.

The design was created on a CAD system and then transferred directly to CNC machines for the making of plugs and moulds for the deck, superstructure and other key components.

Historically the size and capability of CNC Machines available in the UK is limited. Therefore using our previous knowledge and experience as developers and project managers in this field, we were able to draw on the resources of our partner manufacturers within Europe, who offer CNC machines capable of considerably larger capacities. For example, we can now work with a machining envelope of up to 32m x 8m x 4m. We have also developed relationships with a number of composite mould makers whose advanced methods of manufacturing give us the opportunity to offer a totally co-ordinated plug and mould supply service to our customers.

The result was an entire project finished and delivered in record time. Plug machining: 8 weeks. Flybridge moulds: 12 weeks. Deck mould: 14 weeks. In total a process which would normally demand a lead time of approximately 2 years was completed in less than a third of that! Without comprise on the quality or excellence demanded in this luxury market.

Other benefits of this streamlined process assisted the yard to further reduce overall operating costs: a reduction was achieved in the time usually devoted to correcting small faults on the production line, thanks to the significant increase in accuracy and the reliable quality of finish delivered by our CNC machining processes.