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Client Laing O‘Rourke
Services Provided Project Management, Sourcing and Supply
Project Duration 15 months

The innovative and contemporary design of the Spencer Dock Bridge, over Dublin’s Royal Canal, called for the creation of what is almost certainly the world’s first 3-dimensional, 5-axis, CNC-machined formwork assembly for a concrete mould of this size and scale. It was built using a large number of individually machined EPS/ Polystyrene blocks, assembled on site, with a width of around 95ft and spanning almost 150ft across the canal itself. The project, which was completed over a 15-month period, involved a complex programme of manufacturing and assembly with contributions from supplying companies in four countries, a factor which made great demands on the project management team.

With the final customer being the construction giant, Laing O’Rourke, professional customer/supplier management and liaison was essential, with a strong requirement for confidence-building. We were, after all, not only introducing technologies and techniques which were completely new to this arm of the construction industry, whilst at the same time, co-ordinating activities across different cultures and languages.